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We don't believe in unnecessary complications when posting a temporary job advert. We want to make your next hire quick, simple and hassle-free

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Using our simple post creator, you can have a job posting live within minutes


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Candidates use our amazing search tool to find the jobs most relevant to them


Recieve Applications

Candidates apply for the job directly to you with their CV and contact information.


Dashboard - Manage your posts easily

View various metrics such as Views and Applications for each job and manage your company profile from the easily accessible dashboard.

Streamlined applicant management

For each applicant, you get contact details to contact them directly and a copy of their CV or their Short Stints CV that you can export as a professionally formatted PDF.

Stand out with additions

With our Premium and Featured packages, your post will really stand out to applicants, ensuring even swifter applications.


With plans starting for free, Short Stints is the perfect site for your next temporary job posting


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Appear in all relevant search results
Candidates apply directly to you with their CV
Add some weight to your search result with a bold title
Remove adverts from your posting
Add a Subtitle to grab attention
Get more applicants - Appear as a Featured Job

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