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Why can’t I login after signing up?

You need to activate your account first. It's as simple as clicking the link in the email that we sent you. Check your Junk Email folder if you can't find it, or contact us if you need help.

What occupations and industries is Short Stints for?

Short Stints is proud to support temporary jobs and short term work in any and every occupation, role, and industry. From Administrative to Telecommunication to Non-Profit/Volunteer to Healthcare. Have a browse here.

Where can I find more job related information?

We regularly update our blog with helpful information and news. In addition, deliver job related content straight to your inbox in our newsletter. Visit our blog here.

How can I contact Short Stints?

You can contact us on our contact page, or you can email us at

What if I have more questions?

We’d love to answer any question you have. Contact us here

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Short Stints provides a full online service for anyone looking for a new temporary positions or contract work. We aren't a recruitment agency, we're a temporary positions and contract work job site.

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